Decks, Porches, & Pergolas

Wood, Composite, or Combination

We can build with wood, composite lumber, and even combine steel or other metal structure and decoration in any combination. We are experienced both as carpenters and metal-workers; whether you need an all-wood deck or a steel structure with other materials, we’ve got you covered.


Site of old Multi-level Deck


New Multi-level Deck and Wheelchair Ramp

Decks and Porches Engineered Right

The deck-building industry has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. There are currently over 40 million decks in the United States and many of them are extremely unsafe thanks to poor building methods in use 20 to 30 years ago. Even today, many builders and handymen are still using those same dangerous practices. Thankfully, many counties and municipalities have adopted codes to ensure better structures, but in some cases the codes aren’t solving all the problems.

Take the following wood-specific deck problem for example:

Most codes require special hot-dipped galvanized coating fasteners to reduce corrosion — notice the key here is “reduce”, not “stop.”  Steel nails, bolts, and screws are going to rust inside your wood deck and eventually fail no matter how much galvanized coating they possess. A hot-dipped coating is better than some alternatives, but still might not be enough because of recent changes in the lumber industry. The problem is today’s new pressure treated lumber…

Today’s treated lumber contains copper compounds that corrode steel fasteners twice as quickly as CCA lumber from 20 years ago.

Many folks are familiar with older CCA lumber, but newer pressure treated lumber of today is even more corrosive to steel fasteners than the lumber in use years ago. That means even if builders are now using better practices, homeowners can still see their decks failing prematurely if the builder uses under-rated fasteners.

That’s why we make continuing education a priority. We are always reading the latest material in building science and sharpening our skills to build the best decks possible.

Custom Gates Built to Last

Many DIY gate kits as well as some custom gates sag under their own weight after only a few months of service. We build our gates with a compression beam to carry the load properly to the hinges, ensuring years of sag-free beauty. We can build composite, wood, or even metal gates.