Doors, Windows & Thermal Insulation

Houx can make your home comfortable, beautiful and weather-tight. We do repair and installation of all the following:

  • Interior Doors
  • Exterior Doors
  • Vinyl Windows
  • Wood Windows
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Blow-in Insulation

Sag-Free Doors

We want to make sure our doors remain straight for life. That’s why we go the extra mile during installation. Some carpenters only fasten hinges to the jamb with short, weak screws, ┬ábut we drive extra long screws that secure the door completely to the wall. The hinges we set will keep your door swinging straight and true.

Weather-tight Windows

It takes more than just slapping a new window in a wall to make it air and water tight. We look closely at how your wall and window should be sealed; then we use a combination of aluminum tape, flashing, spray foam, and silicon to seal out air and water.

We’ve seen too many homes with rotted framing, because a window installer didn’t ensure proper drainage down the wall. Instead, they simply filled cracks with latex caulk (because it’s cheap) and hoped it would keep water out. Latex caulk really works only as a cosmetic patch where a paintable surface is needed; it’s not a water-proofer. Over time it will crack and let water go where you don’t want it.

It’s also important to have a working knowledge of siding and wall systems. Brick, vinyl siding, wood siding, metal siding, and stucco all have different ways of shedding water. James and Dianna know properly fitting a window into each of these wall systems is critical to the structure and comfort of your home.

Thermal Insulation

Fiberglass insulation installed between studs.

We’ve installed both Fiberglass Insulation and Blow-in cellulose insulation. Installing insulation isn’t rocket science, but awareness of potential hazards can prevent catastrophic disasters for homeowners.

The biggest hazard is dealing with electrical fixtures. It is critical to never cover fixtures that get hot as it may cause a fire. We have also personally seen loose wiring and improperly fastened wiring that would be a serious fire hazard if ignored while installing insulation. We assess all electrical risks and make sure any problems are addressed before insulation is ever installed.